"Cheshire cheese has a great flavour and an edge of acidity which is perfect to balance other foods in cooking"  - Xanthe Clay, food writer

"Cheshire cheese is my choice for adding to salads - I love the way you can simply break it up into natural chunks for crumbling over crisp Romaine lettuce, juicy tomatoes, sliced red peppers and cucumber. Cheshire's clean-tasting, slightly tangy flavour complements so many other ingredients too. Try it crumbled on a grated carrot, toasted sunflower seed and poppy seed salad, sprinkled with a lemon & olive oil dressing - it's delicious! Cheshire is my favourite choice for a healthy, speedy snack - just slice and arrange on sesame seed crispbread, then top with finely chopped celery, apple and sultanas combined in a natural yogurt dressing. And for something hot, Cheshire cheese makes the ultimate rarebit when crumbled and combined with a little butter, some wholegrain mustard and a dash of Worcestershire sauce - melted onto granary toast. My mouth waters just at the thought of it!" - Sue Ashworth


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