The British Cheese Board is the voice of British cheese and is dedicated to educating the British public about eating cheese as part of a balanced diet. Whether you want to find out more about our
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There are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK, with a cheese available for every occasion. The British Cheese Board was formed in 1995 and its members account for a significant proportion of cheese produced in the UK.

If you'd like to find out more about some of these 700 named cheeses, check out our Cheese Flavour Map which matches the flavour profiles of different cheeses, and could help you discover something new!



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Did you know

Much Wensleydale is is blended with cranberries and other sweet and savoury items and proves to be very popular not only at Christrmas but throughout the year. Young Wensleydale with its milky, creamy freshness makes an ideal partner with sweet and savoury ingredients alike.




Cheese and Chilli Festival

2-3 July 2016, Basingstoke
23-24 July 2016, Guildford
20-21 August 2016, Winchester


The International Cheese Awards at the Nantwich Show

26-27 July 2016, Nantwich