Cheese and Champagne Pairings

Much has been written about ideal pairings of cheese and wine but little about the matching of cheese with champagne. In part, this reflects the notion that champagne is a celebratory drink served before meals with canapés or at the end of a meal, perhaps with a piece of wedding cake. The idea of serving champagne with food - and cheese in particular - has never really been seriously considered.

After exhaustive testing and tasting, the Champagne House of Cattier and the British Cheese Board and Cattier arrived at the following pairings which the assembled "experts" agreed worked really well. The trick was to find pairings that allowed the cheese and wine to compete with each other and which when tasted together provided a heightened taste experience. These pairings were tried on journalists and food writers in October 2014 and met with overwhelming approval:

Recommended Champagne       Recommended Cheese 
Cattier Brut Antique Premier Cru      Capricorn Goat's Cheese
Cattier Brut Vintage 2007      Sussex Charmer
Cattier Clos du Moulin Premier Cru Tasty      Tasty Lancashire
Cattier Brut Blanc Noir      3 year old Davidstow Vintage Cheddar
Cattier Brut Antique Rose      Shropshire Red
Cattier Glamour Rose      Mature/Creamy Blue Stilton


Many other cheeses were tried, but in general we found that the cheese had to be quite robust to stand up to the complex yet subtle flavours of the champagne and to match the bubbles. Depending on your palate, other combinations may well be preferred - so there is nothing wrong with you if you don't like these suggestions.

The key thing is to experiment and find the pairings that work for you. For us, the most important finding was that cheese and champagne do really work well together and at Christmas it may be a nice idea to serve cheese and champagne as part of your late night supper celebrations. Or for the party revellers how about Tasty Lancashire on toast with champagne for breakfast!



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