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White Cheshire

The Domesday Book held a record of Norman women making Cheshire Cheese and in the sixteenth century, the historian, John Speed, pronounced Cheshire to be the best cheese in Europe. This White Cheshire is a slightly crumbly and silky textured cheese with a full-bodied, fresh flavour. The special flavour is caused by nearby salt deposits permeating local pasturelands in Cheshire. As an accompaniment, this cheese can be enjoyed with Riesling.

Coloured Cheshire

Cheshire is one of the oldest cheeses around - it even gets a mention in the Domesday book. Its unique flavour derives from salt deposits in nearby pasturelands. This Coloured Cheshire does not differ in flavour from its sister White Cheshire. Both have a slightly crumbly and silky texture and both have a wonderfully full-bodied, fresh flavour. The only difference is the attractive colouring caused by an ancient vegetable dye called Annatto. As an accompaniment, a Riesling or a Cabernet Sauvignon goes down very well.


The most famous of Welsh cheeses, Caerphilly is a fresh, white, mild cheese with a delicate, slightly salty and lightly acidic flavour. With a moderately firm, creamy and open texture, it was originally made a century and a half ago and eaten by hard-working Welsh miners. Apparently, the cheese's saltiness replenished the salt lost from their bodies when mining. These days, Caerphilly's distinctive flavour is enjoyed more above ground with a Zinfandel or a white Lambrusco.


Eaten comparatively young - usually between one month and three months of age - Wensleydale is a cheese whose history can be traced back to the Cistercian monks who came to England with William the Conqueror after 1066. This Wensleydale is a close, smooth-textured cheese with a refreshing, slightly lemony flavour. Traditionally, Wensleydale is complimented by a nice slice of apple pie for a delicious dessert or afternoon snack.


Lancashire Cheese has a full-bodied flavour that is slightly salted and has a creamy but faintly crumbly texture. Renowned as one of the best toasting cheeses, Lancashire melts into a sumptuous, velvety mass under the grill - it used to be known as the 'Leigh toaster' after a small town near Manchester where it was made. Best eaten at around three months of age, Lancashire is a surprisingly good companion for cola. Sauvignon Blanc or Ruby Port are excellent accompaniments for those wanting something a little stronger.

Red Leicester

Traditionally made in a large cartwheel shape, Red Leicester is a rich, russet coloured cheese whose flaky and slightly open texture plays host to a distinctive mellow flavour. Its lush colour was largely responsible for the cheese's popularity - especially in the Victorian period - and is caused by the use of Annatto, an age-old, tasteless vegetable dye extracted from a plant in South America. Its flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment for fruit and beer.

Double Gloucester

Double Gloucester is traditionally made as a large wheel with a thick rind to withstand annual cheese rolling ceremonies - when cheeses were rolled down the hills in Gloucestershire to protect the grazing rights. This Double Gloucester has a smooth, buttery texture with a clean, creamy, mellow flavour that suits a Rioja or a Riesling.

Sage Derby

This is a green veined, semi-hard cheese with a delightful, mild sage flavour. The custom of adding sage to Derby cheese began in the seventeenth century, when the herb was widely believed to possess health-giving properties, and gives the cheese another subtle level of flavour. Originally, Sage Derby was only made for festive occasions such as Harvest and Christmas, but today it is available all year round.

White Cheddar

Britain's most popular cheese, Cheddar is synonymous with the West Country where it was made in the fifteenth century - stored originally in the local Cheddar Gorge caves, which were ideal for the maturation process. This White Cheddar is a nutty yet slightly sharp and full-flavoured cheese with a firm body. This cheese tastes delicious when accompanied by some fresh English apple juice.

Coloured Cheddar

Cheddar is the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world and is synonymous with England, especially the West Country where it was made in the fifteenth century. Originally, it was stored in the Cheddar Gorge caves to mature. This Coloured Cheddar has a full-flavoured, nutty taste that is slightly sharp and suits fresh English apple juice.

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