Lubborn Cheese Ltd

Lubborn Cheese Ltd

Lubborn Cheese Ltd, Manor Farm, Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset, TA20 4BZ

Tel: 01460 30736 / Fax: 01460 30782


Welcome to Lubborn Cheese, the sole makers of Somerset Brie, Somerset Camembert and Capricorn Goats Cheese, all traditionally ripened for full flavour and a creamy texture.
The Lubborn Creamery nestles in the valley of Cricket St Thomas in South Somerset and is a subsidiary of Lactalis McLelland, one the UK’s leading cheesemaking companies and part of the world wide Lactalis Group which is one of the largest cheese making businesses in the world.
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Quality and Flavour

Our milk comes from 12 dedicated cow farms and 9 dedicated goat farms. By insisting on high standards both on the farms that supply us and on our premises, we maintain the high quality and excellent flavour of our cheese. We ensure that all our milk suppliers maintain our high standards for animal husbandry, feeding and operation of the milking parlour. All our cheeses use non-animal rennet, making our cheese suitable for vegetarians

Somerset Brie

Made from milk supplied by 12 local farms in the rolling hills of South Somerset, Somerset Brie is Britain's best-selling soft white cheese. Somerset Brie is traditionally ripened, which means through natural maturation and breathing the cheese gradually softens during the four weeks after it is wrapped. Crafting the cheese with this traditional ripening process is the secret behind Somerset Brie's vastly superior creamy taste and rich texture. It is a soft, mild cheese with an edible white rind and is a wonderful ingredient for salads and sandwiches - try it with apple or grape or just on its own.

Somerset Camembert  

Sold in 220g individually-wrapped rounds, Somerset Camembert is a full fat soft cheese made from fresh whole pasteurised milk. Using only non-animal rennet, this cheese is suitable for vegetarians. Somerset Camembert has a tangier taste than Somerset Brie, a creamy texture and a soft edible white coat. It ripens from the outside in and the yellow curd becomes creamier in texture and tangier in flavour as the cheese develops with age. Somerset Camembert is delicious with a green salad or deep-fried in breadcrumbs. Alternatively it goes down splendidly with Rioja.

Capricorn Goats Cheese

Capricorn Goats Cheese is a white coated cheese produced using the milk of West Country Saanen goats. As well as being a noble and distinctive cheese, it is a useful substitute for those who are unable to tolerate cows milk products. When young, the cheese is crumbly and it has a mild nutty taste; this develops with age into a fuller flavour, with a softer, creamier texture. Capricorn is an appealing and exciting addition to any cheeseboard and has found favour with many of the UK's leading media cooks as a distinctive ingredient.

Windwhistle Organic Brie

Windwhistle Organic Brie is named after the Somerset hill on which it is made and is approved by The Soil Association. The deliciously creamy and tangy full flavoured taste of Windwhistle Organic Brie is the result of an authentic approach to Brie-making, combining traditional methods with the high technical standards required today to guarantee food safety. Windwhistle is great in sandwiches (with grape or apple), delicious in salads and goes down sumptuously with a Medoc or Cabernet Sauvignon.