Red Pepper and Carrot Skewers with Creamy Dip

Snack to boost your bone strength

Fresh peppers are packed full of vitamin C and carrots are an excellent source of carotene. Teaming these with the Cheddar and yogurt adds calcium, great for bones and great for flavour. Our Cheddar is after all amongst the best in the world - we invented it!


To make: Chop a red pepper and carrot into medium size chunks and thread on cocktail sticks with 30g cubed Cheddar. Dunk into a dip made by mixing 1tbsp reduced fat mayonnaise and 1tbsp 0% Greek yogurt with plenty of fresh snipped chives.


(221 calories, 12g protein, 2.2g carbohydrate (1.6g sugars), 18.3g fat (9.3g saturates), 0.4g fibre, 1.1g salt)